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Turkey Tr Vintage Tour 2021

Aircraft Category: Medium or Heavy

Maximum Speed: Mach 0.82 en-route. 250 KIAS at or below FL100.

Type Of Flight: IFR

Please be sure that you read "HOW TO" Guide on the MODA System Page.

  • All legs MUST be flown online with real weather.
  • All legs MUST be flown in published order.
  • ATC control is not mandatory.
  • All Legs must be flown in real-time. Increased sim-rate usage will not be tolerated. Use of military and supersonic aircraft is forbidden.
  • Maximum 20 minutes of disconnection will be tolerated. 
  • Incorrect flight plans may cause rejection.
  • Flight plans filled according to UTC (+0 GMT) are only accepted. 
  • You can always contact Turkey Events for further questions.

Pilots who complete this tour will get the Division Vintage Propeller Tour Award.

You can click here to send your pireps.