A Virtual Airline (VA) is a dedicated organisation that uses Flight Simulator to model the operations of an airline. These may be mimics of real world airlines or make believe. They aim to provide a realistic aviation experience to flight simulator enthusiasts. There are a large number of VA's around the world consisting of thousands of members from different countries. Here in the TR Division, we are pleased to support the following TR based VA's:

Zirve Airlines

Are you an aviator? 
Would you like to learn aviation?
Would you like to fly on best Virtual Airline on IVAO - Turkey?


Our main goal is to share the passion we have about aviation and simulate the environment of a professional airline as realistic as it gets. Since the establishment of IVAO, we’ve maintained our upgoing profile and we’re continuing to create success stories day by day.


Zirve Airlines was founded in June 2013 to provide a sincere and professional virtual airline environment in wich all virtual aviators can get the support they need in order to enjoy their hobby at the highest level of realism possible.

Zirve Airlines is a registered virtual airline in IVAO. Zirve Airlines is a non-profit organization in accordance with IVAO Rules & Regulations.

You must have an IVAO ID prior to registration in Zirve Airlines.

To discover more about us,


Establishment Date: 07.06.2013

IVAO Registration Date: 29.12.2013

Anka Airlines

Approved by IVAO TURKEY division virtual airlines. Our primary responsibility is to the IVAO HQ and IVAO TURKEY.  We are also responsible for general virtual aviation trainings of virtual pilots in our world and training in communication on controlled airfields.

We are promoting active participation in the virtual pilot in our world, with a technical infrastructure that will facilitate and facilitate communication among themselves and focus on exchanging information. Learning from the principle of continuity, each new member of the group is evaluated as a potential instructor at the same time.

You can be confident that the entertainment factor you get from Anka Airlines membership and virtual aviation hobby will increase. Collective training flights, collective free flights are routinely organized on controlled airfields, and during the event stay in touch with other Captains over the Voice Server and join us to end the loneliness in the sky.

Vatan Air Turkey

VATAN AIR Turkey cares for both aviation and virtual aviation under the circumstances of mutual respect and friendship with in a new level.

The main purpose of our community is not only taking the virtual aviation further in Turkey, but also improve the present conditions to support both "as real as it gets" mentality and "not one day but everyday online" mentality on Turkish Virtual Aviation.
Any potential virtual pilot aplicants must be read the rules and regulations of our virtual airline. Whom applied to become our virtual pilot will be accepted as they read and agreed on those rules and regulations.

BirgenAir Virtual Airlines

BIRGEN AIR Virtual has aimed to be the best on Virtual Airlines Community with its own professional team and experienced pilots. We are operating on IVAO platform under Turkish Virtual Area Control Center (IVAO) and we would like to share our aviation hobby, flight activity with all pilots around the world.

Our goal is also to feel this hobby as real as it is and simulate the real operations, procedures, and information which is related to aviation without any commercial and financial interest.

Our staff have sufficient knowledge, skills and equipment and this never stops us to stay as we are, therefore  we are always learning more and more to follow the improvements on virtual airlines platform on IVAO.

Since the establishment of IVAO, we have showed many successes and our company vision and mission have been on a successful progress. This makes us to look at the future with confidence  and with your supports, we will keep the same line to reach our goals and let you to feel this passion together with BIRGEN AIR Virtual family...

Bursa Airlines

Bursa Virtual Airlines was based firstly on FSAirlines system in 23rd September 2008 and after it was accepted in IVAO in 09th January 2009, started to fly as online in IVAO

Bursa Virtual Airlines, IVAO code is BUH, goes on its activities with 31 pilots

Goals of Bursa Virtual Airlines which has members diffirent age are

  • When doing a great hobby, enjoying the time and making new friends.
  • Canalizing the youngs who love the sky to get aviation people in future.
  • Generalizing virtual aviation.
  • Representing Turkey in IVAO best.

Real Wings Group

This is a love story, desire of the sky...
An effort for reality,
Cause the wrong point of view to the fly...
While everybody is waiting, we will always rise,
Somehow they are playing,
With wrong knowledge and with the lies...

We have a difference on air from the other ones,
If you want to learn, you have to find us!
We create a real world in the virtual life for you...

Maybe we are a virtual airline,
Maybe we aren't in real life time
However each of us feels same shine
Let's it's the Real Wings time!

Turkish Virtual Airlines

Turkish Virtual Airlines is a well-recognised, dedicated, independent, free of charge virtual airline open to enthusiasts participating in the flight simulation community worldwide. They offer flight operations similar to a real world airline, enabling you to experience what it is like to be a commercial pilot.

They have over 3000 flights to fly per week to over 200 worldwide destinations.

Istanbul Virtual Airlines

Istanbul Virtual Airlines

AnadoluJET Virtual Airlines

Anadolujet is founded regional airline, which continues its operations under Turkish Virtual Airlines, mainly operating at the east region airfields of Turkish airspace

Saga Virtual Airlines

SAGA Virtual Airlines, has been founded on 4th of February 2010 with the official permission of SAGA Airlines, and started opertions on 26th February 2010 according to IVAO’s approval. SAGA Virtual Airlines is the 16th virtaul airliner company of IVAO-TR. SAGA VA is one of the 5 airliner company in IVAO-TR division at the moment, and the first flight has been made by SGX callsign on 1st of February 2010.
SAGA Virtual Airlines is performing it’s flights on IVAO platform and keeping the flight records with the use of its own "Saga Virtual Airlines Flight Data Recorder". The Base/Hub of SAGA Virtual Airlines is Istanbul – Atatürk International Airport. We are using almost every airports of Turkey for domestic flights and our international departures are from Istanbul and Antalya.
As SAGA Virtual Airlines, we aim to meet aviation lovers in the same platform, to help people who are bonded to Aviation as a hobby and to encourage them to see their dreams come true as a family. So our main aims are;

  • Meet the ones who interested in aviation and virtual airlines and to encourage them to do so, therefore to create an environment as a family
  • Operate the flights within IVAO rules
  • Present the Turkey Division in best ways in international bases with the conscious of being a member of Turkey Division Family

As SAGA Virtual Airlines, we will continue our operations to make the best and the most rational for developing aviation business.
Wish you pleasant flight with SAGA Virtual Airlines
For more information and for your application visit our website on

Akdeniz Virtual Airlines

Welcome to virtual airlines named Akdeniz Airlines that created by couple friends who enjoy it ! If you look closer you will realize this platform simulates virtual airlines company.

Flyatak Air VA

FlyAtakAir Virtual Airlines


FlyAtakAir VA was founded by a group of aviation enthusiasts on 8th January 2019 for educational purposes of non-profit virtual aviation hobby. We offer you:

  • High quality designed web site and crew center with realistic flight booking system,
  • Constantly evolving flight tracker software and improved charter flight system.
  • Highly equipped, related and knowledgeable staff team,
  • Wide variety liveries for the large fleet,
  • Friendly environment.


For further information about our family:

Onur Air Virtual

Extend Your Virtual Aviation Experience!
We believe that virtual aviation can be the first step into the aviation industry.
That's why our community's first priority is: education, quality, and realism.

We know that Virtual Aviation is a great first step toward the aviation industry with the right solutions. That's why our community can go beyond what a virtual airline would provide.

A precisely designed Crew Center, allows you to use your valuable time efficiently and enables you to use your virtual airline in a smarter way in your flights. So, you don't waste time with anything unnecessary, and you can now just focus on your flight and enjoy it!

Are you ready to meet with the most sincere community of Virtual Aviation?

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If your virtual airline is looking for a stable network, a realistic environment, as well as professional ATC service, IVAO Turkey is the best solution. You can register your virtual airline in 3 easy steps: Read the rules pertaining to virtual airlines on the IVAO Headquarters website At the bottom of the HQ page, click NEXT to access the Virtual Airline registration form. Contact a member of IVAO Turkey Staff to discuss your airline's activities and ATC needs. IVAO Turkey will be happy to work with you to provide the most realistic online flying environment to your members. If you would like your virtual airline added to this page, please contact a member of staff.