Welcome to İstanbul Airport!

Welcome to the biggest!

The new İstanbul Airport is completely uncompromising! IVAO Turkey welcomes you to the center of an extensive flight network as one of the most important hubs of the world.

As IVAO Turkey Division, we are working to deliver you the best ATC and flying experience on the new İstanbul Airport (LTFM), which the members of the biggest online flying network deserve!

The essential resources that you may need while flying or controlling for this new amazing airport will all be available and will take your İstanbul Airport experience one step further!

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The Launch Date of Resources:

31st December 2018

Overall: 39.69% Completed

What's coming?

We are creating uncompromising resources for an uncompromising airport! All these resources are going to be your first-hand guide while flying or controlling this giant airport!


Sector Files

The sector files are being drawn by the number of departments. It's a though process that requires various skills and professionalism. We're working to create the most qualified, detailed and easy-to-use sector file we've ever created, for this special airport.


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IVAO Integration

Along with other tasks, we are also coordinating with IVAO Headquarters to implenet this giant airport into the servers, databases, and other IVAO Tools. Because it is important that our ATCs and pilots can reach to all resources that we supply, whenever they need.



Flying into, or controlling in the world's biggest airport is not an easy operation. This requires well-organized, easy-to-understand training materials, from charts to briefings. Therefore, we are creating and gathering the most realistic documents for our members.


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Web Development

Operating in an airport that large can sometimes get complex. Our Web Development teams is working day at night to bring useful tools to those who needs when it's truly required. It will take your flying or controlling experience even further!


Information Regarding BETA Files

As IVAO Turkey Division, we are working hard to deliver the most sophisticated materials. It's understandable that this is not an easy task and therefore may take a lot of time. However, we do not intend to keep our members waiting while we are working. So we are releasing the BETA files of our on-going tasks as they are getting developed. Please be aware about the following regarding our BETA-released resources:

IVAO Turkey Division does NOT guarantee that any of the published BETA files of LTFM Resources is 100% ready to use. All the BETA files may contain incorrect information which may cause conflicts while flying or controlling. Please read, understand and follow the IVAO Rules and Regulations at all times. Additionally, please use these documents at your own discretion and always keep them up to date since we will be updating the files very frequently until the final release date. We recommend our members NOT to start their day-to-day operations for LTFM Airport yet.