Turkey Pilot Group

Turkey Pilot Group is a group of talented pilots who participate in ATC exams and trainings in our division and provide traffic support to help our trainees to achieve their goals.

TR Pilot Group has carried out flights in many exams, successfuly performed the challenging maneuvers and scenarios needed in exams, and contributed greatly in providing the number of traffic required for the exams to be valid since the day it was established.

Turkey Pilot Group members get the chance to earn special awards by contributing to these exams. Also, their participation automatically counts for Exam Support Awards. So, Turkey Pilot Members gets one point for two different awards when they participate in exams.

You can be a member, too!

Application Requirements

In order to become a member of Turkey Pilot Group, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant can be a member of any division of IVAO, but must have an IVAO account,
  • Applicant must hold at least Aerodrome Controller (ADC) and Private Pilot (PP) ratings, OR only Senior Private Pilot (SPP) rating on IVAO,
  • Applicant must have a clean suspension history in the last six months,
  • Applicant must be able to fly at least once in every six months,
  • Applicant must have great theoretical and practical knowledge in at least one jet engine aircraft, or propeller aircraft,
  • Applicant must be able to understand and speak in the English language fluently and should not have any issues in communicating with ATC, even if the ATC's phraseology is not at the best level.

Once sent, your application will be reviewed by our Training Department, and you will receive a notification email about its status. In some situations, Turkey Training Department may ask for a voice chat or a practical flight to evaluate your application. The final decision is up to the Turkey Training Department.

Special Group Awards

Group members can earn the following awards as they participate in ATC exams and trainings!

10 flights
20 flights
30 flights
40 flights
50 flights