Exam Support System

Exam Support System allows you to collect points for each ATC exam/training session you participate and when you reach enough points for an award, you can earn Pilot Support awards!

How to get points?

In order to gain points, you have got to participate in ATC sessions (such as Exams, Trainings and Checkouts) as a traffic and report your flight via this system afterward. All of your participations in an exam will get one point. Once you collect enough points for an award, it will be assigned to you by Membership Department as soon as possible.

  • You can only report one flight for each exam.
  • A flight can only be reported within 7 days following the exam date.
  • You can neither modify a sent report nor submit two reports for one exam. Therefore, please fill all the information correctly, basing on IVAO Flight Tracker.

We thank all the pilots for supporting the ATCs on their exams!

Awards You Can Get!

Pilot Support: AWARD Minimum
Bronze 10 points.
Silver 20 points.
Gold 40 points.
Platinum 60 points.
Diamond 80 points.